English Vocabulary

DSK story ....and vocabulary

French bashing.... i can guess
bonds men.... i'am not sure.


  • First of all, I was in no way attacking you, quite the contary! I was one your side and I was critizing the comment of another person. I didn't make any comment about you.

    On that note, it's extremely [b]insolent[/b] and [b]shameful[/b] to make a claim that 'some members are totally free without any hierarchy link to a superior'. First of all, that's not what I said. And secondly, it would absolutely none of your business to make any judgements about the personal circumstances of ANY member around here.

    I have always made serious, helpful contributions to this forum. But I was mostly anwered with insolent, daft replies, especially my a CERTAIN female member.

    And that's why I said: I am not [b]obliged[/b] to do contributions to this forum, I do it because I WANT to help. And that's far more precious and morally higher than people like YOU, who are here because they just HAVE TO because they are forced by authority.

    It's YOU, Yann, who should be ashamed! You should not your children what you doing here! That's right.
  • From Sophie Moa:
    And you Yann, what brain is leading you, the left or the right ? ;)

    Another example!
  • Bad idea I've got to go and see what they say about brain ! I had always thought that there was just one global brain and two possible actions, as for an accountant : Debit and Credit. I thought that these basic elements and a logical thinking were sufficient to build businesses all over the world, but with English because it's the world wide spoken language. That is just why I asked my Boss if I could learn English, GymGlish, in order to keep an eye on accounting and have a conceptual view on Finance and other skills. I come to the forum to communicate with other Executives and what happens : I discover that they make fun of the CFO, that immorality leads the business with people who spend their time cheating and even that some Members are totally free without any hierarchical link to a superior just as in administration or church life ! I just wish now that my wife, children and mother and father in law do not see what I am doing, I am shameful. Have a nice week-end, everybody !
  • And you Yann, what brain is leading you, the left or the right ? ;)
  • It seems that the acts of this man were not controlled by his right brain nor by his left brain, but at this precise moment by his reptilian brain.
  • ...as long as it gives a good opportunity to acquire some more words : it is sure that reading english and american newspapers, you get all what you need on the subject, if needed :(

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