English Vocabulary

diffecultly to lear English vocabulary

Hi ! I'm new here .
When I wrote this topic , I'm afraid wrote wrong myself , but I had written .
Diffecult for me how to learn English vocabulary better .


  • It is OK, we don't care (well, perhaps some of us care but they haven't got the whole power yet ;) ) . As suggested by some one some time in the GG world, it keeps the ball rolling. Before you press the 'add' button, you could put what you have written in a box (google, reverso), see what it gives translated into your language, and have it corrected. You are welcome :)
  • Well, I have the power, but I don't care :p
    So you needn't care either.

    But if it makes you feel better, maybe it's another good idea to make a draft of your comments in OpenOffice (or MS Word. if you prefer that) and let the spelling check be your proofreader and point out misspellings. But don't fret too much. I'm sure in the course of time you will make great progress - it's always only a matter of time when it comes to a second language.
  • Hi,I'm new here, too,
    I just practice funky friday and isn't so difficult to understand english. Howewer, I have gone to ,London on May, 21, 22 and 23 and it were very most difficult to communicate with unhabitants or workers even in Piccadilly Backpackers where there were spanish and netherland in my room...

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