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to ate and I ate

how do you pronounce "to ate" (détester) and "I ate" (je mangeais)?
How do you make the difference?


  • Hi Géraldine !
    Well, in fact (détester) is spelled "to [b]h[/b]ate", and the 'h' is pronounced.

    Now, when I have a look at my Bibliorom Larousse, it seems UK and US haven't the same pronunciation for 'ate':
    Quote :
    ate [Br [b]et[/b], Am [b]eit[/b]]
    past tense
    See eat

    Dictionnaire compact français/anglais, anglais/français. © Larousse, 1998.
    End Quote[/i]
  • thank you very much for your answer!
    Have a nice day!
  • ;) You're welcome !
    Have a nice weekend too !

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