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Carmina Burana, Wheel of fortune, Enneagram ;)

What I am reading (Dunces) make me think about the Wheel of Fortune; just see what I've found in Wiki:

Fate - monstrous
and empty,
you whirling wheel,
status is bad,
well-being is vain
always may melt away,
and veiled
you plague me too;
now through the game
bare backed
I bear your villainy.
. . . . . . . . .
The wheel is turned by Fortuna;
I go down, demeaned;
another is carried to the height;
far too high up
sits the king at the summit -
let him beware ruin!
for under the axis is written
Queen Hecuba

Eh ;) Queen Donna, keep the wheel rolling ;)

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  • Yann Le Ster, I dont' like that. No next time i hope, i can be so
    angrily dumb.
  • I mean : "wie gets" Sophie, my german is imôssible sorry.
  • a whell barrow, hoops! makes me younger and even more if possible.
    But, I do like supermarker, i do like "Amapp", i do like food, i am definitely optimistic and certainly hopeless and realistic, but... even if the sea is frozzing in brittany, what a pleasure to swim in the ocean.
    We gets Sophie ?
  • In Paris, Carmina Burana will be played on 26 & 27 novembre 2011 au Zénith de Paris.
    In the regions, the show will stop at Montbéliard le 23 novembre, Strasbourg le 24 novembre, Lille le 29 novembre, Grenoble le 1er décembre, Annecy le 2 décembre, Clermont-Ferrand / Cournon d’Auvergne le 3 décembre, Riorges Roanne le 4 décembre, Lyon le 5 décembre, Nantes le 7 décembre ou encore Orléans le 8 décembre.
    Can you her me , Sophie ?
  • Nein ! Sophie geht nicht mehr ! Wie schade ! There is a spirit of Whacky on the net ; he writes a little like some one else... and also a spirit of Sophie...

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