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Good Gracious Me

I remember an old lady in the years 1960 who always said 'Good Gracious Me'. I've consulted Wikipedia who speaks a lot of 'Goodness Gracious Me' a comedy show and a (stupid :() song :
"...Her: Oh doctor, touch my fingers.
Him: Well, goodness gracious me.
Her: You may be very clever
But however, can't you see,
My heart beats much too much
At a certain tender touch,
It goes boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom
Boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom-boom-boom,
Him: I like it!
Her: Boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom
Him: Well, goodness gracious me..."
Can you tell me what it does mean and why because if I translate word for word, it doesn't mean anything !


  • I met one of my english neighbour last week-end and I asked her where it does come from : she said that Good or God are alike and that gracious is to be seen as grace coming from God ; one could then say : the Grace of God be with me.

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