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:| Where is the Cat (Search Function)

A few days or weeks ago (I'm sure of it) 'cat' or 'Cat' has been written in the "English Language Forum". I cannot find it with the Search Function Ok (the 2 buttons at the top, on the right of the screen. I'd be helpful for our poor minds and a time saving too. For instance I'd like to find 'Schroedinger's Cat' written by a highly skilled forum mate by cannot find it (as I'm not totally sure of Schroedinger writing, I try to find 'cat' or 'Cat' or even "'cat'"... "Your research returns no results", they say. Is the GG technical staff able to repair it and help me find the cat ! Thanks a lot. An Alumnus keeping the ball rolling.


  • Yes, 'In France, we call a cat a cat,' Sarkozy said after the NATO summit. And we need good tools to find out where the cat is. How can we remember what we are doing if we don't have the tool to do it ?
  • I doesn't make any sense to resume the discussion about the thought experiment of 'Schroedinger's cat'.

    Everybody, who is really interested in quatum physics and takes this experiment seriously, should read pertinent books or the Wikipedia articles. Everbody, who does not only see the word 'cat' and jut smells a case of cruelty against pets, as a certain [b]female person[/b] does.

    End of discussion.
  • To whom it may concern!

    I won't make any more contribution to his forum!

    I started out making really serious and helpful entries, but I found myself in the situation having to defend myself against ironic, provocating comments (Sophia Moa), or against personal, insolent, insulting, unjustified attacks [b](Yann Lee Star)[/b]!! and againt other people whose predominant incentive is t to make fun of others and ridicule other members OR to attack other people.

    If have always tried to ignore insolent comments and tried to maintain the very difficult balance between too much seriousness and a joke once in a while. But it absolutely impossible to satisfy everybody.

    What happened lately was the straw that broke the camel's back! [b]I'm addressing you, Yann Lee Star![/b]. [b]Unjustified, insulting, personal attacks[/b] are not appropriate in this forum!!! And I address Sophie Moa for others incidences.

    Alas, this whole forum is on the decline. It has become a kindergarten and a mud fight. without professional content.

    I am no longer willing to spend my precious time here.

    Last but not least, I apologize to all who have no share in this whole situation and I like to tell you: Thank to all who are not involved in the grievances and make this forum at least parts an interesting and educational place to be.

  • Hi Whacky,

    I'm really sorry that you feel that some people on the forum aren't playing nicely! If you could provide us with links to any offensive comments, we'd be happy to investigate and see if we can help.

    You can send the links to the address: support AT gymglish DOT com.

    Thanks, and sorry again that you feel this forum isn't a friendly place any more. We'll try to change that!

    GymGlish Support Team

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