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This man dresses to the right

None of my UK friends know the meaning of this idiom. Thanks a million to help me. Azuline

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  • Yes, what do we like ? For Azuline, we don't know as we don't know who is behind ;) . Anyway, since my holidays, I have decided to tell more about me, I'll tell you : what I really like is the meat of the pig, because in a pig all is good, all parts, even ears, tail, foot... Does a pig dress to the right or to the left ? I don't know, but, in Azuline as in every man, there is a pig sleeping (for non french-speaking readers, we say that in Brittany, "in every one there is a pig sleeping").
  • What's with all this beating about the bush so to speak?
    Mens' penises hang slightly to the left or right. Quality tailors, rather than allow there to be a bulge on one side or the other will ask "How do you dress?", "dress" being a euphemism for "hang" and then, to avoid there being a bulge, leaves a little slack in the cloth on that side. JackinTo
  • Wow! Some of these explanations are pretty far out. Actually, for a man to dress to the right (or left) means which leg his penis lies against when he zips his trousers.

    (Oops, Jack, just saw your definition. I’d not have posted had I read them all.)

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