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Gymglish Setting

Je n'arrive pas à changer les jours de mes exercices. Je les change, je les sauvegarde, et ca revient toujours comme avant.
Que puis-je faire?


  • The title is a good start to communicate with fellow users, but in this forum we don't understand French, German, Italian....What you can do is to tell it in English. What I can say also is that these topics are very seldom read by GG Staff Members (Or perhaps, we don't see they read them ;) ). Therefore, if you want them to be read by GG Members, you should use a more agressive title in a native language, for instance in French "Attention, je vais tuer tout le Monde !", there is a hope it is seen and, just to avoid an act, they'll make a long...AA
  • Hello,
    If you still have the problem, you can write an email to 'SUPPORT -- AT --'
    Have a nice day!
  • Wow! Willy! You're back. I thought you had passed on.
    You should be on a round in the lounge nearby, man. A hacker has beaten me twice. He stole my name. Incredible? He got it by a shabby trick.

    I've just read some Whacky's comments.
    I share his disgust.
    The forum should be monitored. But I know it wouldn't cost some pennies.

    Joe tHe screwball ... on leave.

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