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Gymglish Party in Paris

Hello ,
We enjoyed the gymglish party 2010 The "Samba-ssadeurs" (good music and funny atmosphere ;-) , but never received an invitation for the 2011's party .
Do they forgot to send some one or is the party only for new and very studious ;-) members ?
See you next year !!! M


  • Hi Michelle_36,

    I'm really sorry that you missed out on this year's party! We haven't changed our policy on invitations, so maybe you have finished your GymGlish course, or perhaps you opted out of 'non-lesson' e-mails from GymGlish?

    If you turn the sound up on your speakers and pour yourself a drink, you can get a feel for what the 2011 party was like by clicking here:

    While you enjoy that, I'll try to find out why you didn't receive an invitation this year!

    GymGlish Support Team
  • Thank you , Helen ! I hope it's OK , now .
    Have a good week !

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