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lonely place

Left on my lonesome.
In idleness got numb.
Feeling so lonely much like in a desert.
There is no one in sight, nobody for a flirt.

Though, a long time ago,
there were more than a joe
in this lively place
suitable for the chase.

We had a great Whacky in eager willingness
to help everybody in total selflessness,
a mischievous Sophie, the ever with it girl
who was there to support or to give it a whirl.

Vic also was eager to reply any tip.
No one wanted ever her gentle say to skip.
She had substituted for the Gee, the Gwendo
Who had been talkative without further ado.

A guy from Brittany, a touch of poetry.
Not to mention Sandy, with tuba vocally,
along with puckish guy tuning accordingly.
Alumni and their bunch made up the company.

Now we are so sorry that happy time has gone
when they all were chatting and laughing thereon.
As the time is flowing we are left in the lurch
From now on here around, no use making a search.

Is it the summer time that kept people away?
Is it the summer heat that lead them all astray?
For the highs are well known for stunning everyone,
petrifying beings turned still life well done.

Temperatures climbing up to the the thirty-three
make the air so hot that it doesn't provide
any lift to the bird to take-off for a glide,
leaving it with no move like a stuffed birdie.

The dew point is flirting with an all-time low;
down to one nine degrees is the best it would show,
making the air so dry, forcing people to choke.
One's throat being dried out, one couldn't crack a joke,

The air pressure also weighs deep on the landscape.
At one zero three three QNH in good shape
is able to pull down any vague desire
to do lift a finger of a live wire.

Flies and mosquitos are no longer buzzing.
The dust has fallen down. Everyone is freezing.
Stillness is complete. Death is universal.
Believers got their faith. If not, no reversal.

Eyelids are swollen, slumping into a night.
The state of consciousness is stalling as a kite
that goes spinning downwards into unconsciousness.
Could it be the next world or mere nothingness?

Hey! A call through the night? Hey! She gave a start.
It is an azuline playing the bleeding heart
by launching a hard tip to dead GGusers
as to resuscitate that too many losers.

Or is it a Nadine who will do anything
to make up with a sis a duet in singing?
Hey! Not a bit of it! You haven't a clue?
By just looking at them you should guess the trick through.

One-shot contributor is nothing but a ghost.
They work as a mirage, liking to play the host
to wild imaginings pictured by losers.
Everything is in you. Nothing in spite of you.

Wake up, men! Get up, gals!
More is in you.


  • Don't worry, Man, I'm just a fake...I've got some pixels missing. But I take my hat off to your fine work...cheerio
  • If you are a fake, you ARE. It's the main thing. All the more so since you show off here, Whacky.
  • "Alumni and their bunch made up the company."
    I am one among others, but perhaps the only one contributing to the forum, am I ? I have been told there is a big gap between Alumnis' contribution in the US and in Europe (especially in France). In the US, Alumni give money to support their University. What do GG Users think of it ?
  • By the way, in this forum, should One be believed to be a fake just because he writes he is a fake ? Real fakes don't tell "I'm a fake", they act :).
  • hey, Joe, don't make me cry....i'am so fraky.
    I really Loved what you wrote - i'am just sorry to have deserted the forum for a while but sometimes it's difficult to manage life.
    Anyway, so nice to read you.
  • Hey, Vic! Nice to hear you again.
    I send you a flying kiss that hopes to be welcomed on your left cheek. (No French kiss, hey. I am no Philip Cheeter's doppleganger.)
  • Philip is very ill-bred, but, sometimes it could be funny to be ill-bred ; by the way, can we be fake and ill-bred ? hey Whaky, i 'am confused, are you a fake like those one in "Invasion L.A" ?
    Alumnis, i'am sure, you have a "sweet" answer for this question.
    cheers everybody.
  • No, Vic, I am so sorry, but I have no answer for this question just because I don’t know what ‘Invasion LA’ is. The net tells it is a film with aliens invading Los Angeles and some other cities. Is that it ? What are these aliens ?
    But, as I feel concerned by Philip, breeding, fakes and Whacky, I am going to try an anwer to “Can we be fake and ill-bred ?”. I am not going to parade … so I’ll have time to analyse and globally reconsider this fundamental question. Have a nice WE.
    From AA, an alumnus among so many.
  • Hello. It works! What a shrewd ruse I have come up with.

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