English Grammar

to be used to + ing

I don't understand why "Susie is used to going to her office ..." is not correct when "the man is used to seeing gay people" is correct. Does somebody want to help me ?
Something else but it concerns a particular answer to my today lesson: "If you're going to San Francisco" Scene 1 of 2, # 3 : Answer B which is correct hasn't a traffic light symbol but a gay bar symbol. I still don't understand why my answer (A) is wrong.
Anyway, Gymglish is fun and very helpful !


  • "I cannot make do as I have been attending the GG for some year yet."

    "Some year yet"? Really? Gosh! A lot of effort flushed down the toillet.

    Anyway. It doesn't matter. Keep on having fun!
  • This is not a reply by the true and unique Alumnus Alumni. The true one never say 'Gosh', but it is true that he flushes the toilets several times a day.
  • I share your concern, Valélival, as far as I can catch your say.

    If presently Susie is in the habit of doing something, I would say that Susie IS USED TO DOING sthg.
    As you probably know, if the event was a habit in the past and not now any more, we should say that Susie USED TO DO it. The same when reporting a past repeated event (I tell you that Susie used to do...)

    I wonder whether your first sentence wasn't marked as incorrect for a reason in a context that you aren't reporting here. About SF and the scene you are pointing out, I cannot make do as I have been attending the GG for some year yet; I must have got it ages ago.

    Keep on having fun.

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