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Nightmare... no funny at all.

This particular night you are feverishly looking for o phone number, who knows, it could help !
This particular night you say to yourself "what am i going to do , how manage" ?
This particular night you can't even think to survive to what's happening
This particular night you are afraid, so scared that something worst may come
This particular night, you read 6-9 on his wrist
This particulat night you'are so frightend, but you must assume and secure
This particular night you don't know where you are, what's going on, you know nothing, so confused
This night when terror is invading your bones... you just promise everything if he stays alive.
Just a nightmare?


  • 07/13/2011 that is to-day;
    12:10 AM, is it the middle of the night just after midnight, last night ? I guess so;
    Then is it a nightmare asleep or awoken ? and in that case is it a nightmarish situation ?
    Anyway, I feel for you. Have courage.
  • Thanks Yann, but i still don't know ; life is going on , fortnately they are still alive around me.
  • She knew she was bound for great comings
    She was nurturing forebodings... ...
    Vic is called for great poetry.

    I like it, Vic. I like your subtle way of talking about the feelings in the deepest layers of the soul.
    You have a keen sense of what are the foundations of life.
    Death is close to climax.
    But as you are keen on the 6/9, it goes without saying that you won't act a cut-throat. Life is eventually the winner.
    Your remind me a movie L'Empire des sens (In the Realm of the Senses), a blockbuster from the 70ies which is on again now and then in cinémas d'art et essai.
    On the peak of the orgasm, Sada, the geisha, strangles her lover. Then she goes away with his penis and bollocks. It's not written 6-9 on the man's wrist. With the blood of her dead lover Sada writes on the body "Sada and Kichito now together".
    Life and Death are going along together.

    Thank you, Vic.
    Sorry to be bound to leave you.

    Joe tHe screwball (the true one)

  • Back from the presbitary of my holydays's youth, back from this marvellous churchyard - which needs to be "rehab" - so much green silvering in yellow... but you can see a drop of red coming from a lonely rose, so unique, so enraptured, i would say so genuine...
    Not so far from "l'Empire des Sens", just imagine... the sky is all over there skins, the moon watching that lonely rose closed up...
    "souvenirs" you're still alive.

    back to The Town.
    So nice to read ou after that "Gymglshs"number story"...

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