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Videos - The Gymglish Team!


Click on the link below (or 'copy and paste') to watch videos about the GymGlish Team!

At the office:

At the recording session:

Pecae Out
Willy - The Security Guard (of the Delavigne Corp.)

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  • To watch the video was very pleasant... It seems to be a nice atmosphere at Gymglish's work, isn't it?
  • Hi Sylvie,

    I am in the same situation, I would like to have a fluid conversation and I think that it is a good step. Where are you from?
  • What a team ! Any chance to meet them and "talk" english, or anyone who would like to speack and not only read/listen english ?
  • From Impossible is me:
    it's not bad but i don't understand well the purpose of this it to show us about the GYM... team or is it the story of your work life? see you

  • From souma27:
    Hi,I'm Souma27.I didn't saw the video,but the team seems to be very nice and cute.
    please, I want someone to talk with...........bye

    Where are you from?
  • I'm just discovering this videos here, and I'm flabbergasted. How hard working conditions, I was far to imagine it ! When I see you even don't have any flat screen (!). Less to speak about the missing swimming pool and the sauna... But where goes all the money you're pulling up ? :-)

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