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there is not session audio any more

I am very surprised not to hear audio session. WHY?
If anyone has the solution, let me know....


  • There are lots of reasons why one cannot hear any 'audio session', Yan. Among others:
    You're getting deaf. Solution: wear hearing aids.
    Your computer speaker has broken down. Solution: get it fixed.
    The GG robot teacher was struck dumb with astonishment at your performances. Solution: Stop showing off to it.
    The GG robot has come short of audio lessons as you have reached a high advanced level. If so, you share my fate, Yan. As I've been attending the GymGlish for years yet, I am doomed to get now and then a lesson with sound. Most often my lessons are made of vocabulary and some exercises. Solution: Play the beginner with making mistakes as much as you can.
    I share your pique, Yan.
  • What an excruciating fate: Being classified as advanced learner and having to intersperse mistakes deliberately in order to get downgraded. Life is sooo hard!

    But I don't share you grudge: Just select the priority for 'listening comprehension' in your 'Areas of Interest' in your account preferences - and subsequently, even with 5.5, you will be 'bothered' by many audio lessons.

    Make sure your browser has the Flash plug-in and your computer, both software and hardware is fit for audio podcasts. If necessary, call the guy at Delavigne who is in charge ofr the IT stuff, he might be able to help you out. (What's his name again? You know, the guy with the long hair in the neckline - the ponytail).

    You can even phone the GG content server (free of charge I hope) in order to listen to the audio podcast. If everything else fails- why not?

    Good luck!
  • At last, a relevant piece of advice from a skillful mate!
    I must say, Theodor, that "listening comprehension" is one of my hardest workout and is marked in my interests as of greatest needs. Though as the robot has run short of audio lessons, I am left in the lurch. Fortunately in my GG workbook, all the previous listening tips are still available.
    Thank you.

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