English Vocabulary

In Grey's Anatomy

I wonder why,in this serie(Grey's anatomy),the term "bitche" is translate in french by " pigeon".It's strange,isn't it?


  • I wanted just notice that in English words signify
    one think and the extrème opposite sometimes(quite,move on,etc
  • An another remark:15 g of Co2 to a boiling kettle
    It seems to me that it is very much
  • goodnight at every one

  • I adress myself to the team of GG to signal them that
    There has been probably un erreur in the transcription of my data,name and firstname has been inverted.
    Beside I have never receive funky fryday!
    otherwise it is a very good method to learn english
  • Hello Green Lemon, then, son of a bitch is "fils de pigeon" ;)
  • I'am so old.... "son of a bitch" is very ill bred, i mean, for me.

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