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By-By Amy

So beautiful voice, so good music, what a mess.
She "was no good", nor wanted a "rehab", but so great miss Winehouse.


  • As a wine house, her fate couldn't have been elsewise. Cellars move three sheets to the wind.
  • Cellars move three sheets to the wind ? what does it mean exactky ? first time i read this expression .
  • I got that saying from a brother-in-law who is an active member in a nautical club in Bouzigues.
    Three sheets in the wind refers to three sails.
    When a boat has raised its three sails in the wind it is going staggering through the waves like a drunker staggering from drunkenness.
    A regular of the cellars is bound to be drunken.
    So you can understand the saying.
    As Amy passed on, we know why.
    Friendoy yours, Vic.
  • Thanks a lot Sandy, i will transfer your answer to my husband who is a sailor as your brother in law, i mean, my husband has a sailing boat, still in rehab, not yet floating, but soon, i hope.

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