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Icarus Gets a Head Start

I liked today's lesson 'Icarus Gets a Head Start in the Future 4-6' very much. Congratulations to the authors!

The authors were obviously inspired by the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', in which the Earth is destroyed by a bureaucratic species (the Wogons), because it has to made way for an intergalactic motorway. The Wogon's love to stick to bureaucratic rules and filling in forms and don't give a damn what their rules will ensue for other species. The Earth is destroyed because mankind missed to file a complaint against the demolition plan which had laid on public display for five-hundred years,.If the earthlings had refuted the plan officially, they would have had the chance to avert the demolition of their planet. What lesson do we draw from it? If you are dealing with intergalactic authorities, always go the official red-tape way.

Good luck for your planet!


  • Thank you for warning, Repurt!
    So far, never met any intergalactic being.
  • I really appreciated the depressive robot who has so great abilities and is such an absolute bore for his human fellows.
    He complains about the enormous distance between what he could do and what he is asked for : Making Coffee, for instance.
    And, somewhere, we know it's better that he is prevented to make more important things...
    The HitchHiker's Guide is a must.

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