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no more audio or written lessons

For few days now, I received lessons with only vocabulary and grammar exercice without any audio or written lesson.
Do you know why?
Did I finish the delavigne corp story. I am a subscriber since 2006 so maybe there are no more new stories left ?
Could you tell me what happens ?
thanks a lot


  • I just want to add that I choose "Increased lesson"... just in case
    Thanks a lot...
  • Hello,
    I had the same problem. It's a protection against gymglish users which are completing too many lessons.
    Actually you’re allowed to complete only 5 lessons a week.
    If you would complete 10 or more lessons consecutively, then you get lessons without any oral or reading part.

    I hope I could help.
  • But this is not my case. I had only 5 lessons per week even less because I missed some days !!!!
  • Maybe GymGlish has really run ouf of stories in your case - a subscription since 2006 means really a lot stories. But, then, I cannot imagine the producers of GymGlish don't make for enough new stories, I trust enough stories are still being produced.

    Or it is a technical problem, a temporary error in the generator that produces the EMails for some kind of subscribers.

    Or, it is something in your Internet browser, maybe the part which contains the lessons is a special format, other than the vocab and grammar section, and the current browser settings prevent the lesson part from being displayed. Perhaps you should try first another browser - I don't know.

    A difficult question - no definite answer. These are only hunches. Maybe you'd better turn to the GymGlish support. I haven't had this phenomenon yet. This is really odd.
  • Hi Angel,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering this problem! If you haven't already done so, please could you write to us at: support AT gymglish DOT com? We'll be able to investigate your problem and hopefully find a solution!

    Thanks in advance,

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