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What should I do?

I have 2 kids and they don’t like vegetables. They only want to eat pasta. What can I do to make vegetables more attractive to them?


  • why not ? worth trying.
    Not easy with kids, for a time they agree with you, for an other they don't.
    With kids you are always wrong, wathewer you do, so, just don't give a damn of it and do what you feel good for them and.... pehaps for you.
    good luck.
  • Hello Thays,
    How old are your children ?
    When my son was a little boy, he ate all vegetables, even cucumber ans spinage, he liked to taste and discover different tastes, it was the "home game diner" ( takes time), then... he grew up.... and Pizza, macdo, nuddles, coca broke in and, of course, had his preference. What a shame for my husband who is is a very good cook !
    Now, he's 25, living by himself, so he manages a mix between swallawing "fast food" with his buddies, but cooking "des bons petits plats"for his girf is going on.
  • Usually, the most effective way of convincing kids to eat what the are supposed to eat is to forbid it. Tell them: "No, vegetables are not for you, don't eat it".
    I can almost guarentee you: They will try it, if only out of curiosity or to go beyond the boundaries the adults have given them. Or simply: Spurn vegetables and don't eat them ourself amd say to them "I don't like vegetabel". And later, when they become teenagers, they will start eating vegetables, just to be different from their parents.
  • hey Thays,

    don't worry, i think , it not the moment yet, they are "kids" so give them the time and you will see.
    if not, you can create a kind of game in the kitchen (if they have the age to do do)looking for the best vegetables food makers.

    big kiss to the lovely kids
  • It is important to start early with vegetables and to make them attraktive, sweet taste...
  • Hi Thays,

    There are some good tips here:

    Bon ap'!

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