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Horatio knows how to use a computer ?
If it's true, this is a good news :p

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  • Bonjour tout le monde,

    Les cours d'anglais, il y a des tonnes. Mais pour mieux faire un bain de langue, l'idéal c'est de prendre des cours d'anglais par skype sur . Les professeurs sont des personnes expérimentés et à l'écoute.
  • hi, everyone.

    Que direz vous d'un cours d'anglais par skype ? c'est un moyent efficace d'apprendre l'anglais sans bouger de chez vous. Sur le site, il y a plein de professionnels natifs de l'anglais qui vous aiderons dans le bain de langue.
  • Okay, okay! It's better not to run before you can walk. How can a GGuser jump into the story? Does he need some witchcraft or practice in alchemy? How can we get immortality for posterity in the Delavigne Corporation Story among all these perfect characters with their achieved individuation? Where is the hidden source of aqua vitae, the elixir of life?
    As far as I know the philosopher's stone hasn't been found till now. With it anything would be attainable, as one of the omnipotent brain boxes pictured out somewhere in this forum.
  • We aren't surprised at all by that universal fusion of the clever clogs' omnipotent bright light.
  • Hi over there Nur-ad-din!

    A long time ago, I had a Moroccan friend going by the name of Nouredine. As a broadminded Muslim he didn't turn down a pork chop now and then. We lost track of each other.

    Later I learned that Nur ad-Din had been a Prince who, being a mighty persecutor of the Christian name and faith at the time of crusades, was valiant and wise, marked by seek of justice.

    Today I meet with a double-hyphenated Nur-ad-din who seems to run a fluent, perfect and wise English. As a proof his starting with a proverb.(*) The only feature likely to restrain himself from thriving on the top of the world is that he badly needs mystical tools he listed here above. I'd like to back Lucky bastard's encouraging words so that Nur-ad-din displays his words on this forum.

    To jump into the story, that's another fish to fry. No need of any withcraft or alchemical miracle. Just get hired at the Delavigne Corporation. That company uses to hire people of every continent, if not any planet, so much they like to mix a wide range of accents. I think they haven't hired people of Nur-ad-din breed so far.

    Anyhow it would be kind of him to float an idea of his own, so much better than a idea someone else could ask him to flog.
    Looking forward to reading Nur-ad-din's lines.

    (*) The nowadays proverb "Don't run before you can walk" was a bit different some 2000 years ago.
    A man claimed to be the son of a god. Later Christians said he was a god himself but he never said such a blasphemy. He just said that he was like everyone, like any so-and-so, a son of a god. Any son of a gun is a son of a god.
    As that man didn't only talk but rather played the role model, say, his everyday teaching wasn't so much the "talk the talk" but "walk the walk".
    One day on a lake, as he had never learned to swim, neither crawl, nor stroke, he walked on water, making onlookers crack up. That was a proverb that, translated in words, became: Don't swim before you can walk.
  • Hi there, Nur-ad-din, you witty fox!
    Come on! Join the clever-clogs connection! Make your own brightness shine all over the forum.
    Have your say. Float an idea of your own. Strike a decisive blow. Make us have eyes like saucers. Give us a terrible fright. Spread a blue funk all around.
  • New display, new colours - a touch of red flattering my left leanings -, that's all it needed to renew the spirit.
    Besides two characters of the DC story stopped by yet, i.e. an evil journalist and the head of retail. That's an indication that the story and the learners come closer and closer to each other.
    We shouldn't be surprised if one of the GGuser jumped into the story. If not a merger, it'll be a universal fusion.

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