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Drink or do not drink?!

I’ve heard that sodas are not very good for our health. What should I drink instead?


  • Hello, in summer, we must drink... but, no alcohol of course :). I thought we could drink light tea or coffee, but I've read it is not so good because it is too diuretic. Sodas are not good, just as you say. Most bottled waters have too much of specific smelling salts. Tap water, sometimes, has a taste of bleach. What am I going to drink ?
  • Thanks! I'm going to drink water because it's healthy!
  • it's not easy, just drink water and also home made juice with natural ingredients.
  • Sure, i can't answer properly... you're so clean ! of course water is OK, if not too much nitrate in it.
    But, a nice glass of fresh "rosé" will make your summer happy.
    Don't be shy, and live without excess but with pleasure.
  • I am just back from Hispanolia where they produce Rhum and tobacco. A few drops in a glass of water from the tap and the water is purified and a big dominican cigar and all bad germs have died.
  • Hispanolia ????
  • To drink or not to drink-
    That is the question
  • If you don't drink in a desert
    Your life will be lost.
    If you don't drink with your friends
    Your mind will also be lost.
    If you don't drink for your soul
    perhapos, your life could be lost
    If you drink, just drink without loss.
  • Last saturday for my brother's birthday we drank white wine from Saumur (chenin grape without bubble) and Touraine red wine (cabernet) good. There were many visitors from England around; they appreciate the region, the monuments made of "tuffeau" (a white stone) and of course the good wines.

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