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Improvement in oral comprehension level and reading comprehension level

Hi, I've used gymglish for two years. Of course it's great and so I spend time with this language everyday. But lately I don't have any progress in oral and reading comprehension level (four month or more maybe).
Do you have any idea what I can do to improve these levels?

My levels are oral comprehension level 4.2 and
reading comprehension level 4.3

Thanks, for some help.


  • I don't know. But a good idea is using English outside GymGlish. It always good to do a lot of things you usually do in your mother tongue (watching DVD's, reading books, reading stuff on the internet, listening to podcasts) in English instead. It really helps. And suddenly you will have a breakthrough and you feel that the GymGlish lessons are becoming more and more easy for you, maybbe even a cinch. It takes time and patience, but it will pay off.

    A good vocabulary memorizing program is also very beneficial. Type in every unknown phrase or word and repeat it on a regular base.
  • Hello David, Sorry to read your "post" so late.
    In my town, we have a "café" which offers special language evenings. Thuesday is english "soirée" with english people. We speak and discuss and laugh, it's very pleasant and useful.
    Just have a look in your town, perhaps ?
    Good luck.

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