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Dear computer robot,
For seven months, perhaps more, I haven't got an evaluation about my exhausting daily work. Is my name lost in your labyrinthic memory?
With love


  • I guess the robot cannot hear or answer you. He is probably lost in his labyrintHINE memory. Or he's far more intelligent already than we humans are and he doesn't respond on account of reasons we cannot
    even understand.

    I haven't got any movement in my evaluation either for more than a year now, my level hasn't budged one single digit. I don't make any progress anymore, neither up nor down.
  • Hi chaps,

    Sorry for the slow reply.

    Don't worry, it is quite common for users to reach a 'plateau' where their level remains the same for a while!

    Intermediate or upper-intermediate learners are often frustrated because they feel their level isn't changing. You are of course improving, but once you have reached a certain level of competence, progress becomes more subtle and less remarkable than the rapid improvement experienced by beginners.

    My advice: try not to focus too much on your overall level! Do your best to answer your lessons as well as possible (and as often as possible), and eventually, this hard work will be translated into your level increasing.

    Remember, doing GymGlish lessons regularly can only have a positive effect and improve your level of English, whether our system shows this or not!

    I hope this information helps.

  • Yeah, but is a level of 5.5 across the board merely a plateau or just the boundaries of the universe? When you hit the ceiling of the measuring scale. (Ouch!). So, one palpable progress your are still making is when you notice you understand Moira's Scottish accent a little bit better. That's a part of the palpable payoff which doesn't reflect on the measuring scale. ;)
  • Hi again Scheduler,

    5.5 is our maximum level. Even if you've reached this pinnacle of achievement, you'll still be making progress with your GymGlish lessons! This may not be reflected in a change of General Level, but you're sure to encounter new terms and constructions in each lesson. Our team of native English speakers tries its best to include challenging English in our high-level lessons!

    Have a nice day, everyone!

  • Hi again Helen,

    That's what my statement was all about.

    Some might think I would have never guessed. And indeed, I could have been tempted to think when I reach 5.5, I will have explored the whole universe of the English language, everything in it, and there was no more to discover. Of course, that couldn't be farer from reality. Even Captain Kirk wouldn't have like that, had he had the chance to live long enough. Imagine: You have discovered everything there is to know about the English language. Not only is that not possible (not even the best English writer, a real lingo whiz knows everything about English), but it would be somehow boring as well. If you don't have to achieve anything anymore, life becomes boring.

    I don't intent to cancel my subscription with GG, not in the slightest. Had I been convinced with 5.5 there was nothing more to learn, I would have considered cancelling my subscription. But I don't, firstly because I still have to learn a lot, in spite of 5.5, and secondly I like the GymGlish course very much. It's different from others course and it has become an integral part of my daily drill. The latter alone might not be a sufficient reason to maintain a subscription, but in combination with the benefit I have from GG beyond 5.5, it's all the more a compelling argument.

    And I trust GymGlish will provide me with new vocabulary, idioms and grammar insights. It always has, beyond 5.5 (OK, there is no beyond, but there is in another sense. There is an afterlife after 5.5)

    On that note, all the best for a long common future.

  • Thanks for your message, Scheduler - I'm pleased to hear that you're enjoying the course so much, and that you agree on there being a life beyond 5.5!

    Keep up the good work!

  • You're welcome. And I am not at all suprised and pleased to hear that you agree that there is a life beyond 5.5! Of course. Would be a disaster otherwise, wouldn't it? ;)

    GymGlish is one of a couple of resources I am drawing on to improve my 'pathetic' English - a resource I don't want to dispense with for the foreseeable future.

    Have a nice day.
  • P.S. Currently, I don't see any reasons to cancel my subscription with GymGlish. So: Keep up the good work, too. And there may be a long common existense beyond 5.5!
  • From supernul:
    Dear computer robot,
    For seven months, perhaps more, I haven't got an evaluation about my exhausting daily work. Is my name lost in your labyrinthic memory?
    With love

    This is an asumption, supernul, if at some place the computer tries to divide some value by your name (evaluation formula are very complicated), supernul aka "0", it will probably get a big error.

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