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Dear computer robot,
For seven months, perhaps more, I haven't got an evaluation about my exhausting daily work. Is my name lost in your labyrinthic memory?
With love

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  • Well, my current general level is 5.5 (started 4 months ago at 5.0). I have reached 5.5 for all levels, except vocabulary, as I was and still am at 3.0...
    I'd like to know how to increase this one !
    As I read a lot, my reading comprehension is correct, and grammar as well (as a result).
    I don't stop for many words, so it seems vocabulary is better than that 3.0. I don't understand how it's calculated... Do we need to make mistakes, then learn the words, then increase the score ?
    For oral comprehension, it depends of the subject, and of course of the accent !

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