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Bilingual or not ?

Hello ! I'm a new student. I'd like to have your opinion : Do you think I can mention on my CV "bilingual secretary" knowing my general level is 4.1 (but no more than 3.4 for grammar and vocabulary) ? Thank you very much.


  • I'd rather not. 'Bilingual' in the strict sense means you grew up with two languages, and as a result, you have practically two mother tongues.

    For example, if you are French and your father's mother tongue is English and he talked English with you when you were a child, then you are in fact bilingual, and English is your second mother tongue ('father tongue' rather in this case).

    If you put 'bilingual' in your CV, the person who read your application might jump to the wrong conclustion, that is, you are really bilingual and your English is as good as your first mother tongue, and when he finds out it is not, he might think you exaggerated deliberately. My piece of advice is: use another descpription, maybe 'Advanced command of English'.
    It's safer and avoids misunderstandings.
  • Thanks a lot for your answer and explanations. They seem very wise and I will follow your advice. Meanwhile, I will improve my English with GG, which is very fun... Bye, and thank you again.

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