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Is there anybody who know the meaning of :

You're the Man and/or Woman!



  • From GymBrain:
    Is there anybody who knows the meaning of :

    You're the Man and/or Woman!


  • Sorry dude,no real answer :
    if you are a man, you are a man
    If you are a woman, you are a woman,
    but, if someone asks you what you are, make up your mind and decide yourself and say : I am just what i want to be.
  • I think of :
    "You're the person"
    "You're the man (for this job) (for this situation) etc..."
    Or "You're the boss", depends of the context...
  • an other way to think about what we are...
    I am a girl so what does it means,
    so what one could say ?
    I am a person that's sure, and you too, that's sure.
  • and / or in humankind
    man or woman : he/she is a man or he/she is a woman (either or ?)
    man and woman : both, possible but very rare (this hermaphrodite athlete Caster Semenya. But why then he/she is running with women ?)
    neither man nor woman : an eunuch or a spirit ?
  • Caster Semenya ????
  • Hi GymBrain,

    'You're the man!' or 'You're the woman!' is a way of congratulating someone. It's the same as saying 'well done!', 'congratulations!' or 'you're excellent!'.

    I hope that helps!

  • thankyou
  • Dear Luis Andrés Leon Avelar, could you , please, explain to me why you say thank you ? (as you don't appear so far in this topic :-) )

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