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Is there anybody who know the meaning of :

You're the Man and/or Woman!


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  • not moving fast this topic ;) much slower than Caster Semenya :
    "Gold-medallist Semenya, 18, has both male and female organs, it was claimed yesterday.
    And sources close to the International Association of Athletics Federations — who ordered extensive tests on the teen after her amazing 800m win at the World Athletics Championships last month — say the results mean she could still be stripped of her medal.
    Semenya is claimed to have NO womb or ovaries — and has internal testes, the male sexual organs which produce testosterone.
    The row over Semenya's biology has caused huge divisions — with South African politicians calling slurs she is a man "racist and sexist."
  • From GymGlish Content:
    Hi GymBrain,

    'You're the man!' or 'You're the woman!' is a way of congratulating someone. It's the same as saying 'well done!', 'congratulations!' or 'you're excellent!'.

    I hope that helps!


  • From GymBrain:
    Is there anybody who know the meaning of :

    You're the Man and/or Woman!yes i do think it means that the one's the man and the woman on the same time.it can also mean that the one is only the man or the woman


  • You're the man means: You're excellent. Usually said "you da man!" It was a popular idiom a few years ago. I am attempting to learn French. Aprendre Francais. Would anyone need help with their English in return for helping me with my French. By email? psg2000@gmail.com
  • eBrain said

    Dear Luis Andrés Leon Avelar, could you , please, explain to me why you say thank you ? (as you don't appear so far in this topic :-) )


    Neither do I (I don't appear here)
    I think Luis appreciates this answer and so do I

    Thank you Helen


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