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creating friendship between all learners on the forum!

hello, i'm thinking about creating a real friendship between members of the forum. Since, we all are here to learn,and because we don't always have person to speak english with, i suggest that develop our relation par writing to each other,giving a call or why not having a cultural visit. i mean,send invitation to those who are interested to come in our respective countries.
i'm from ivory coast.


  • Hi Tchety, I'm very impressed with your ideal. Because it's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm going to have an IELTS exams so I need to practise more :( Anyway, talking, chatting and even going out with foreign friends (if we can) are all I usually dream of.

    Nice to meet you Tchety. My name is Linh, I'm a Vietnamese and I'm so exciting right now. Can't wait to receive your response.

  • It's a good idea, we can share in English our experiences of life, not only English learning, but also our different interests, for example, I like the photography, I travel a lot in my country. and you, my friends?
  • I live in Sweden. In my sparetime I read a lot and I try to read in English sometimes. I also go to the gym to Afrodance and Bodypump and so on. I have relatives in the US so I just have to learn English. It's nice if we can learn to know each other more.
  • hi,i'm new and i have started leaning english no longer, and i notice that you aren't beginers.
    But, i need some people who are like me to discuss frequently in order to progress fast.
    so i think, it's good idea to know another persons .
  • Hi everyone,
    what I have to say is the idea's great but, you know there's a but, who's willing to write his phone number and address on this site?
    well, we want to brush up our English but we're all strangers, I mean we don't know one another.

    successful studies!

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