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Pronunciation of "gymglish"

I've been taking gymglish lessons for a week now and I'm still wondering how to pronounce "gymglish". Can you help me?


  • I think Gymglish is pronounced /'dzi:mlis/
  • I'd say "Gym" like in Gymnastic, and "glish" like in English... ;)
  • ok
  • I want say you what i think. When I listen to prononciation I would prefer to see phrases written and when I click for listening to prononciation I don't see and that (ennuyeux " for me.

    Bref en français c'est plus pratique : quand on veut écouter la prononciation on ne voit plus les phrases je trouve que ce serait plus pratique pour répéter.
    Good bye
  • Hello,

    You can see phrases in the correction ! For me, I prefer not to see written phrases while I'm listening : I listen them several times up I understand (or I try to...)

    Regards !
  • Hum !

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