English Vocabulary

mistakes in writing (done by me)

Another issue I investigated is that I once made a mistake in writing and the system accepted my answer as correct and marked it in green even though it answered with the correct word.

The words are quite similiar in writing and in pronounciation but different in their meaning:

Do you know if issues like that can be reported to the Gymglish staff? If yes, how and where?



  • Hi Helmut,

    Yes indeed, these issues can and should be reported to us, so thank you for posting this. If you benefit from a comment box at the bottom of your lesson, feel free to write us about the problem. Note that not all users have this functionality (depends on your subscription options), so if you don't, please write to us at 'support AT gymglish DOT com', and please be as specific as possible when describing where the problem came from (ie which exercise, in which section, etc.).

    Our AI motor is designed to have some flexibility as far as excepting minor spelling mistakes, however you're absolutely right that this mistake deserves a unique correction. I'll look into it - any details you can provide about where you found it would be most welcome.


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