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Sophie, what's up?

No news ? i just wonder what's happening with you? everything allright? Just holydayq i hope.


  • No, I am dead. Some wicked people on this forum killed me, they are so rude, supercilious and humourless.

    Greetings from the the land of the departed – it's not that bad. We even have Internet access here, but we are not permitted to post anything, we are only allowed to read. Posting something on the Internet is a felony and punished with a death sentence. (??). At first I was deterred, But now I don't care, I am dead anyway.

    But at least Internet access is totally gratuitous and much faster, because we are nearer to the satellites.

    Mind you, the bandwidth is staggered by how long you are here. For rookies like me, the bandwidth is limited, the long-established have unlimited bandwidth. But they need it, they have a lot to catch up on. Some of them are from ancient Greece and even Egypt, they didn't even know what Internet was. And now, all what they are doing is reading on the Internet all day long. Poor old men. Some of the still have to get used to the fact that the Earth is a sphere and they refused to take the blame for killing those of their contemporaries who claimed it was. Stubborn old men.

    So long.
  • Yes, that's true. Sophie fell from the wheel of fortune, her mask broken on the ground. Sopnie Moa is just a spirit, a fine spirit, indeed. Wnacky also. Perhaps there is a world where spirits meet!
  • There are no spirits! There a only people with a fine sense of humour not everybody can share.
  • Sophie, just don't care.
    Cheer up "la belle", we are the best.
  • Thank you, Vic. But as you might have realized, I am Sopnie, not Sophie.

    No hard feeelings though, this is only a funny prank - and those who bother to read carefully the nicknames is on the safe side.

    This is fun. I am a prankster (male or female? Who knows!) ;)
  • sorry, i am not enough careful when i read, was is a joke? a trick? or just to play with words? anyway i like it ( now that i realize), it looks like a greek name "Sopnie"- it could be one one of "the parisienne" of Crete, but male or female, who cares ?
    i's just Sophie-Sopnie.

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