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To talk and to write in English

Hello everybody, I am from Venezuela. I am learning this language and I need to practices it because I feel that I heed to know more about this, specially speaking. Greetings.

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  • i don't think so. you just learn reading or writing is not enough.i think we should learn with steps
    1. listening
    2. speaking
    3. reading
    4. and last is writing
    process as baby grows
    do u agree with me?
  • I am a certificed accountant from italy. Can i help you?
  • Hey Grace!
    IMHO (in my humble opinion) since we have learnt how to read and write it is okay to learn another language in both its oral and written aspects, at the same time for a better motivation and results.
    Now it might be better to proceed sequentially when starting from scratch with a brand new alphabet and/or culture, just as baby grows (meaning I do agree with you in that case). I mean, we as babies had to deal with an hell of a lot more than talking & writing, isn't it?
  • oops guess what? It's "since we have learnED" (looks like I'm still in the process to be friend with Present perfect ;) Please let me know if there are other mistakes in my writting.
  • "learnt" and "learned" is both the correct past participle of "to learn". The form with the "t" is more used in Britain, but I've learned also Americans use it. I was told both forms can be used interchangeably.

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