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return ticket

I think that the french translation for "return ticket" is "ticket aller-retour" and not "ticket de retour", as it's said in lesson 14 (Channel Travel)vocabulary. Am I right or wrong ?


  • You're right.
  • Thanks
  • Hi Guys,

    That's not quite accurate. In US English at least, the return ticket only refers to one ticket - the second leg of a journey which takes you back to your point of origin. The complete journey is called a 'round-trip ticket'. In British English, the return ticket can refer to either the single journey back to the point of origin, or the full trip. I'll have a look at our translation. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • {sometimes, it's easier to see what something is not than what it is} {to get the real meaning of "return ticket" then, I just typed up "return ticket" on the web} {just see what I've got among others : http://blog.artooro.com/2009/10/09/enjoy-the-ride-%C2%A0there-is-no-return-ticket/ } {this is the link with Steve Jobs : he's got no off switch on his devices and no return ticket}

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