English Vocabulary

who can help me ?

i have difficultie about using "possible" and "possibly", who knows a mean to secure the good use,at least a mean to make me remember.
Thanks a lot everyone


  • It's possibly possible to give a mnemonic - but I don't know any. Does anybody else? But if it's impossibly possible than we have to live with it.
  • As a fine poet yourself, Vic, you must have enjoyed the funny two lines from Prussia. As it flows from that pun, possible is an adjective whereas possibly has to make do as an adverb. It's as easy as pie, Vic.
  • Thanks a lot you two, i will possibly use possible in the rignt way, at least, i'll try.
  • Hello Victorine,

    As a general rule, if the word 'maybe' would work in a sentence, then you should use 'possibly'. If 'maybe' wouldn't work, then use 'possible'!


    That was possibly the best idea I'd ever heard. = That was maybe/perhaps the best idea I'd ever heard.

    Would it be possible to hear some other ideas? ('maybe' would not work in this sentence)

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks Helen, useful answer.

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