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The Gymglish Forum - Purpose and participation

Hello GymGlish users and GG forum participants. First of all, thank you very much for your participation on this forum, especially those of you who take the time to help out your fellow users with grammar and vocabulary tips, and of course for those of you animating discussions in English about anything and everything else.

As a member of the GymGlish staff, I wanted to make a few things clear, especially about our (the staff's) participation on the forum, and the role of the forum in general.

The forum is for the GymGlish community. It's a place to meet other users, converse about any number of topics, related or unrelated to the content of GymGlish's lessons, and to maintain an English dialogue beyond your daily lessons.

The Forum is NOT a place to ask for technical support, customer service, or intervention by the GymGlish Team. We have a support team that offers both technical and pedagogical support, as well as a sales team that deals with commercial queries. That being said, if you wish to help out a forum poster with some advice, no problem, however there are plenty of resources available to GymGlish users in need.

The FAQ: (available in multiple languages)

For technical support, and pedagogical questions related to our content, please write us at 'support AT Gymglish DOT com'.

For those of you who have comment boxes at the bottom of your lessons, they are designed for your feedback and questions (only certain subscriptions have this option).

Lastly, we've noticed several complaints on the forum regarding the staff's lack of participation here. Admittedly, we don't have a moderator who surveys the forum full time, and we likely never will. Once again, the purpose of the forum is not for us to intervene in the discussions here, but rather for GymGlish users to maintain and cultivate a dialogue and community of their own. To those posters who remain active on the forum, often with helpful information (you know who you are), we thank you sincerely. However, those of you who continue to complain about the staff's presence on the forum, as well as our willingness to answer questions only under certain conditions, we'd like to remind you about the purpose of this platform, and invite you to use one of the other options available to you as a GymGlish user.

Thanks for your attention, and apologies for the length of this post!

Happy Posting,

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  • Sometimes, some of the answers about the questions texts are not convinced me. Otherwise it seems that they are not well questioned.
    I would like to ask those who ask questions after the listening or the reading texts to be more coherent and concise. Even if we understood all the proposed texts, the ways they asked the questions didn't allow us to choose the right answers.
    I suggest to be concise in future with the questions. It will be useful for all.
    Julien Z
  • I love the humor in the Delavigne's stories.

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