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Fill the blanks in order to improve understanding.

I think that Gymglish should use the phone dialogs in a new kind of exercice, in order to work on the different accents (UK,... & US,...)and improve listenning and understanding.
For instance, the text of the phone conversation could be written with lots of blank to be filled by students (more than one or two words).


  • it looks like a hard game, i mean for me !
  • Hi Jras,

    Thanks for this idea - it's a good one! We have recently started writing questions like this, especially for our 'musical' episodes. We write out most of the words for you, and leave blanks on interesting terms, or ones which are difficult to spell, so that you can fill them in.

    Thanks again for your suggestion, and have a nice evening!


    GymGlish Content Team

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