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vocabulaire pour chaque leçon

Serait-il possible de pouvoir télécharger (et imprimer) seulement le vocabulaire demandé et le point de grammaire abordé pour chaque leçon. Je ne peux plus télécharger mon dictionnaire, il est trop lourd et je ne peux pas imprimer 150 pages alors que j'ai besoin de les relire souvent avec les phrases pour pouvoir les retenir.
Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.


  • Hi Angel.
    Gee is right. Juste copie the vocabulary and grammar point in your daily lesson and past in a word document. And it's okay
    Good luck.
  • Hey!
    I'll investigate - (Please in English !!! The forum and the GymGlish users are all around the world!!)
    Peace out,
  • "Juste copie" ???
  • Highlight the text.
    Push on the right switch of the mouse to make appear a menu.
    Click on "copy".
    Open a file in word format or other text format.
    Paste the text which has been copied.

    Don't you open your workbook daily?
    At the head of any lesson there are some links, namely one called "View your workbook"
    In your workbook there are entries "grammar" and "vocabulary".
    All these notes are printable.
  • Hi angel.
    As long as I can understand what you mean in your foreign roman language, I'd give you a hint: For your daily lesson, practise the copy and paste. As it is not possible with some other copy-protected publications, the GymGlish sofware allows it.
    Good luck.

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