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I'mglad to find this forum and go on a little longer to talk in english with friends and relations .I find those story amusing and i wait very impatiently each chapter of the Delavigne adventure and you ?


  • Me too, Coconuts, I like very much the Delavigne Corporation and its characters. I'm now an (a bit old) alumnus, legitimus because I've got a diploma. You'll find many friends in this forum, I am sure of it, you have a promising nickname. Cheers
  • Some of the Delavinge Corps are not so nice, ypu'll discover soon, but some are so sweet and some are so funny, it's a lot of pleasure this"saga".
  • I do like this saga too....I don't have many time every day but i Chose the more short lessons and it's good to find them the evening !!!
    have a nice day !
  • Hi bripama-seven-nine,

    I am a compulsive meddler. That explains why I can't resist telling that I am one of the so many readers or your latest admission of being short of time to make it with a full GymGlish workout. I want to say that I share your decision. As you don't have much time available on a daily basis, why not select the shortest lessons? Lets's hope that those you choose will fit you best.
  • Anyway, lessons happen to be shorter and shorter as times goes on. They'll become longer if you make mistakes because of the correcting items...
  • So as said by Epsilon, if you don't make mistake, your lessons will be shorter and shorter.... and will disapear owing to your perfection !
    that a good-wrong example of a syllogism, don't you think so ?

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