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How much of this great article did you understand? Select the TRUE statements according to the article from the list below.

There may be more than one correct answer!
The economy is doing badly.
This is true. Happy Lightfoot writes that 'the economy is struggling'. To 'struggle' is to 'experience problems' or 'to do badly'. Here's another example: 'Father Christmas has been struggling with an alcohol addiction since he was 16'.
The journalist will become more pessimistic if he continues to watch the news.
This is not true. We read in the article that 'and all the famines and cyclones in the world can't change' the fact that he is an optimist, or 'someone who sees the glass as half-full'. Let's imagine a 50cl glass, which contains 25cl of water. If you would describe the glass as 'half-full', you are an optimist. If you think the glass is 'half-empty', you are probably a pessimist! The journalist is a life-long optimist!
The journalist thinks that his readers don't watch the news.
This is a false statement. The journalist writes 'you've no doubt read the papers and watched the news'. The expression 'no doubt' means 'very probably' or 'certainly'. Example: '-Horatio will no doubt be late this afternoon. -Yes, he's always late!'.
Excerpt: The economy is struggling...
Excuse me but in the text there is not any like "you watched the news" so


  • In the text of my lesson there is not "and watched the news.
    Certainly the journalist watches the news but no the readers
    so I don´t make a mistake
    I think
  • Hi Bellet,

    Thanks for pointing out this error. I've now fixed it. I'm sorry if you lost a point here due to our mistake.

    Thanks again for your help in improving GymGlish!

    Keep up the good work,

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