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With a lot of pleasure, i attended to a concert of mediaeval music last sunday, and i discovered the "cornet à bouquin", for me a mix between a trumpet and a saxophone, a funny looking instrument , a kind of a branch curling like a snake, i am not sure of what is it's name in english-american, who knows the exact name ot this ancient musical instrument ?


  • It's quite simple. Just look up the Wikipedia entry at [b]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornett[/b] and you will re-recognize the picture of it. It looks in fact like a branch curling like a snake. Maybe some eager participants of the 'Hello People' thread, the experts in music can tell you more about it, especially those who attend a lot of classical concerts or play in an orchestra themselves. Well, since it has it's heyday at the end of Middle Ages, or in the Renaissance, it may not be very present in classical concerts, rather in reenactments of mediaeval events, but anyway...
  • You're right, Prussian: wikipedia can be helpful, because once you're on it, you can change the language to English, and see what it has been translated as!


    Obviously, we can't know for sure whether Wikipedia is right, but it is often quite accurate.

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