English Grammar

"Have you done It?" or "Did you do it?"

Do you know if there is a really difference between :
- Have you done It?
- Did you do it?



  • The present perfect form ("Have you done it?" ) is used to express an action in the past which has a connection with the present, for example an aftermath of the action, or an action that can happen again.

    "Today we have to pass in our homework at school."
    "Have you done it?"

    Having or not having done the homework in the past has some significance for the present (or the future), it has a connection with the present.

    The past tense ("Did you do it?" ) is used for actions in the past which are over, dead and done with and have not connection with the present anymore. Often, when a specific time is indicated (yesterday, last year, five month ago) we use the past tense.

    For example:
    "Last week I thought of doing bungy-jumping."
    "And, did you do it?"

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