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"le vent d'autan" ?

Google, wikipédia... no significant occurence, what's the english-american name for this wind ?


  • I don't understand what you want. A traduction ? There isn't any.
    It's a local wind of the Languedoc region (France), that blows from the south-east.
    It's a name, as for the sirocco in Africa, or tramontane and mistral in the south of France as well...
  • I'd translate it the Gone Wind because the translation for "Gone with the wind" is "Autan en emporte le vent"
  • I agree: there is no real translation for the term, because it's a French phenomenon which will not be written about in English very often, if at all.

    It appears on Wikipedia, but not in English.

  • Thanks a lot.
  • I love the answer about the translation
    "gone with the wind" is AUTAN (autant) en emporte le vent, very funny.
  • Maybe you can use 'southerly wind' it's a wind coming from the south, which is the case for the 'vent d'autan'

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