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Should i change my nickname ?

I just wonder, some of you don't appear any more in the posts, gone away ? new nickname ? no more free.
These silences make me "mon dieu-mon dieu"( that was the favorite expression of the nanny of my son when he was " en travers de ses basquettes" ( i don't ever try to translate that up to date image in english-american).
Of course, myself, i am not so faithful, sometimes i am "off", sometimes, i am "on", so i was just wondering.... and decided to change my "pseudo".
What new nickname shall i choose ?
All nice proposals are welcome.
Hugs everyone


  • Hi Vic. ;-) well, I think it just depends on what effect you want to produce on readers :
    - if you just change your pseudo and keep the same style and the same way of thinking, we'll just say : "Lola, or any other pseudo, and Victorine are the same".
    - if you want to tease us, you can have another pseudo and let think you have other ideas about our world.
    I always appreciate your comments and poetry, behind any nickname I use. I've never tried to know who you are through the enneagram given by Donna. But as you seem to be very sincere as Vic, I'd suggest you could play another character, for instance your son's will be fun and anyway, it seems that we don't get many responses if topics are not choking in some way. Cheers
  • Hello, I bet you did change your name; like Thomson and Thompson I have clues : there is Augustine which sounds like Victorine and also this Flamish Tintin ...
  • so unable, so clumsy, awkxard iam ! i give up ! even my nick name i can't change it, bouhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Don't cry, Victorine, don't give up, Yes You Can...I thought "Curly Brackets", that was you with another nickname ?
  • Your clue was false, Augustine is definitely not the same person as Victorine. I can say that with absolute certitude, because I have to know. Here is my tip: If you really want to figure out who is behind different nicknames, try to compare the styles of writing, the level of grammar used , how many mistakes one makes and so on- but don't compare nicknames. Similarities and in wording and diction are much more telltale then resemblances in nicknames.
  • Well excuse me, it is just because of my tiny brains. You are right, I'm going to use your method
  • I hope you won't. ;)
  • What all the fuss is about ? a nick name ? so what ?
  • Hi Gwendy, sometimes I think this forum is a mess, a fuss, it is supposed to be a game where we have fun :( there are even a "Prussian" writer , perhaps it is a game of Fuss-Ball (see your other topic about baseball and football...)

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