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Those guys are really completly crasy but it's a great fun to meet them day after day and Y enjoy it .
Why didn't you came to me when I was young ,thousands years ago ,I would probably have learn english more quickly .See you soon .


  • Hi fellow coconuts,

    I've always dreamt of sucking sweet coconut milk from a not too swollen boob at breakfast. For sure that the reason why I can't resist temptation of following up your post. As you left by saying "see you soon", I think I am on time by answering within the 24 hours.

    As you were on earth thousands of years ago yet, you must be a kind of a wizard or sorceress having used witchcraft to live on centuries long. But I am sorry that I am brought to tell you that it would have been no use learning English in your early years. That language is outdated nowadays.

    I also wonder why you want to learn English so quickly. Would your witchcraft means have become ineffective? How so? Only ordinary things go according to the French proverb "Everything passes, everything perishes, everything palls".
    If so, if your witchcraft has faded, I quite understand why you want te be so quick with learning English.
    That's the way I translate the short headline of your post "Hy". At first sight, I didn't catch what you meant. Looking up in a dictionary, I thought you meant "hying", present participle of the verb "to hie" (to hasten, to go quickly).

    I wish you had still lots of centuries to live ahead, coconuts.

    PS Cow milk sours quickly, coconut milk keeps sweet for long.
  • Look at me Coconuts, I'm always young through movies, cartoons...and in the desert I'm always happy to drink coconut milk...cheers everybody

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