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"I am too young to die"

"I am too young to die" Is that a funny English expression?
This is an excerpt from a Radio Rhubarb'episode "Ray and Rachid dodge a bullet" where the journalist Ray Upton is hovering above the pentagone in an helicopter,a no-fly zone and therefore is threatened by the US Air Force, if they don't land quickly , to be shot and with nuclear missile "svp" because the pilot's name of the copter is Rachid.
And the called Ray Upton to say:"I am too young to die"
As part as the commemoration of the 9/11 many media broadcasted the record of a man who was going to die and who said:"I am too young to die".I have still the timbre of his voice inside me.
This sentence which so many men and woman had prononced in a total powerlessness state.
Your episode would be good(as almost all and funny) to illustrate a certain state of mind in US,paranoïa,racism against
arabian,interesting as well to learn about military vocabulary,one don't ever say!
But using this sentence is obscene.
I heard behind it the snigger of the subhuman person.
Is there someone else who was shocked by that?


  • I for one wasn't.
  • F
    But using this sentence is obscene.
    I heard behind it the snigger of the subhuman person.
    Is there someone else who was shocked by that?


    Hi Green Lemon. You're easily shocked, I would say. Sometimes humor is just humor, with nothing behind it. 'I'm too young to die' is a common expression, which really doesn't imply anything more than a desire to not die!
  • { Yes, I am shocked that some one who is young just like me can die; if they are twenty years older, I'm not shocked } { by the way, who can it be the subhuman who sniggers ? Are there subhumans in this forum ?}
  • I don't arrive to find that funny when one have heard
    this man who understood that he was going to die.
    I have however sense of humor.Nobody there hasn't heard this sentence one month ago?
    I go on to thinck that it can be an hazard to use it in that scenario and it is the fact of a pervers(something like subhumanity).
  • Sorry, Green Lemon, I don't agree. In my tiny brains I try to keep the idea I am a mortal and that at any time life can cease. And it doesn't bother me if somebody or some event reminds this to me...
  • "Superman takes off his mask!"
    with EpsilonBrain in the main rôle!!!
    As for me,I return to my human too much human condition.
  • I bet on a certainty that it's false
  • I shouldn't have written this post.It was agressive.But I was really shocked.It is the only one lesson at which I hadn't wanted to answer(I have had 0% and a oups!)out of 250!
    250!yes...today, and not yet The 5,5...the next year may be?
  • agressive against who ? everybody wears at least one mask and it feels good when one can express what he is really thinking ;)

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