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"I am too young to die"

"I am too young to die" Is that a funny English expression?
This is an excerpt from a Radio Rhubarb'episode "Ray and Rachid dodge a bullet" where the journalist Ray Upton is hovering above the pentagone in an helicopter,a no-fly zone and therefore is threatened by the US Air Force, if they don't land quickly , to be shot and with nuclear missile "svp" because the pilot's name of the copter is Rachid.
And the called Ray Upton to say:"I am too young to die"
As part as the commemoration of the 9/11 many media broadcasted the record of a man who was going to die and who said:"I am too young to die".I have still the timbre of his voice inside me.
This sentence which so many men and woman had prononced in a total powerlessness state.
Your episode would be good(as almost all and funny) to illustrate a certain state of mind in US,paranoïa,racism against
arabian,interesting as well to learn about military vocabulary,one don't ever say!
But using this sentence is obscene.
I heard behind it the snigger of the subhuman person.
Is there someone else who was shocked by that?

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  • Hi Epsilon (I don't find the key)
    I think now that for a first contribution at the forum, it was not very friendly, and a little bit exaggerated towards the producers of the sketch, to say the least.
  • There was an error of signature of the previous post.It is signed Green Lemon.To jungle with masks is not my speciality at all.
  • Hi Green Lemon, there is a book you should read, see below.
  • Thank you Spoiler.Have you seen the answer at "Do you learn english"?
  • Struggle as usual, can you be more quiet when you discuss ?
    i just feel like beeing silent again
  • even at the age of 80 we all think that we too young to die even if we living in a difficult situation because psychologically we all want to live forever eventhoug we know that it's not the reality. So, don't think about the context in which the expression was used but try to think about the idea! i will always be too young to die!
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