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Hi I'm new on the forum I'm looking for English speakers and American speakers.
I do appreciate English and I would like to improve it.
And in return you want to learn or to improve your French I may help you.



  • {yes, Niki, sure, it'd be nice, but it is the same for me , unfortunately} {I come to this forum to improve my English/American, but most of users are english learners and quite a good proportion usually speak French} {sometimes Andrew and Helen a.k.a Gymglish Content, answer and then, for sure, it is real good English}
  • And where you come from? What is your mother tongue?
    Who is Andrew and Helen?
  • {I am a pure (if any ?) French from France (but not a "Franchouillarde") and my mother's and father's tongue are desperately French.}
    {Helen is the GG Content Team Leader and Andrew her Assistant. "Content" doesn't mean "happy" or "contentedness of users" but what's inside the story and the lessons. They write and speak Oxford English and many variants.}
  • Je suis Francaise aussi
    Bienvenue au club

  • Hi, did you find someone to talk in english? I am looking for a correspondent. I have been practising Gymglish one year ago, but it's still too difficult for me to speak or write in English. It's discouraging ..

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