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Is someone can help me with this expression ? : "Now then Clara. It was a funny week end". What does it mean "Now then..." Cheers !


  • It's similar to "Well (then) " and something like an indirect introduction or a segway to a farewell: "Well, then ... it was a nice evening. Bye!"

    It's often used sheepishly, when somebody wants to say farewell, but is too embarrassed to say it frankly: "Now then ... it was a nice evening" actually meaning "Please leave now. Good night!".

    Or, sometimes, it's the opposite, that is, he doesn't dare to say he actually wants to continue the evening but finds it too obstrusive to say it frankly: "Now then...it was a nice evening..." actually meaning "I want you to stay, but I don't dare to say so."
  • would mean that it depends if it is a ram or a ewe ?
  • Thanks !
  • From EpsilonBrain:
    would mean that it depends if it is a ram or a ewe ?

    No lewd allussions, please - ram or ewe! Remember, we might have young people around here...
  • NOW THEN, WHAT ELSE, coffee...

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