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Going West

This is an excerpt from "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac, just like Bruno, he travels to San Francisco :
"If you want to go to Chicago you’d be better going across the Holland Tunnel in New York and head for Pittsburth,” and I knew he was right. It was my dream that screwed up, the stupid hearthside idea that it would be wonderful to follow one great red line (road 6) across America instead of trying various roads and routes.
In Newburgh it had stopped raining. I walked down to the river and I had to ride back to New York in a bus with a delegation of schoolteachers coming back from a weekend in the mountains — chatter chatter blah-blah, and me swearing for all the time and money I’d wasted, and telling myself, I wanted to go west and here I’d been all day and into the night going up and down, north and south, like something that can’t get started."

Who knows this book and writer ?


  • In America, Tintin travels westwards, does not he ? I must say that it is not my preferred album because there are too many nasty people.
  • There is also the French Antoine de Maximy who goes west in the U.S. It's very funny, I like it.
  • I have read "On the road" by Kerouac a long time ago, and I loved it. I stayed living in his world for many days.

    It seems too dificult to me to read it in english but maybe I should try.
    Did Kerouac write something else ?
  • I don't know, but I've just seen producers are going to make a film ? who knows about it ?
  • Wikepedia is quite voluble about Kerouac. According to the records, the work of the writer had quite an impact of contemparory artists. Bob Dylan was inspired by this work, the lyrics in the famous "Like a Rolling Stone" are vastly inspired by Kerouac's topics. The actor Jonny Deep once conceded "On the road" has becoem his personal "Koran" and changed his life. Be it as it may, the work of this author had an sustainable impact on one or two generations. Maybe that image "to be on the road", to be one the move is romantic and something "cool", as opposed to the sedentary people.
  • and from

    "....As the core group of both Kerouac and Beat Generation fans we all feel we have a stake in this film. It’s a tribute both to a great work of art as well as real-life people most of us never met who had a tremendous impact on many of our lives.
    As a fan I couldn’t be more proud. After thirty years, this is the team of filmmakers who got it done. And they got it done in a fashion that allowed the film to be selected for arguably the premier film festival on the planet – The Cannes Film Festival. No small feat."
  • Yes. But, that film preceded the beat generation and it can be argued that without the moviement of the beat generation, which was predominantly an opposition to and rejection of the "father generation" - the authoritive people, brought up to follow authorities and kowtow in obedience, that movie might have never attained the recognition it got (among it was the selection in Cannes). It hit the "zeitgeist" right on the spot (I reckon). This doesn't chip away per se at it's artistic value and achievements, though.
  • Excuse me Spoiler, because of my tiny brains, it takes time to answer ;-) . But as your nickname suggests, your mission is to get speed and prevent flying...

    <<Maybe that image "to be on the road", to be one the move is romantic and something "cool", as opposed to the sedentary people>>

    When I was 20, I have been quite often hitch-hiking on the road for long travels. It is true I had an impression of freedom never felt again later.

    I don't know well what you describe as "romantic" and in what meaning ? "to be on the move", do you mean "no home", "no comfort" ... ?

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