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Nowadays decalogue

The decalogue god is said to have given to Moses on Mount Sinaï has changed according to the nowadays shape of society.
1. The poor: they work.
2. The wealthy: they exploit the first.
3. The soldier: they defend both.
4. The taxpayer: they pay for the three.
5. The civil servant: they rest for the four.
6. The drunkard: they drink for the five.
7. The banker: they swindle money out of the six.
8. The lawyer: they cheat the seven.
9. The physician: they kill the eight.
10. The undertaker: they bury the nine.
(Extra commandment to move with the times) The politician: they live on from the ten.


  • One person can unite several of these characters on himself: A soldier is sometimes a drunkard and a taxpayer, and sometimes he is also poor. Then he fightw partly for himself, drinks partly for himself and pays partly for himself - but he doesn't really work (maybe sometimes).

    And the lawyer is often a wealthy person, but often even a drunkard, just as the physician. And the same goes for the banker.

    And the untertaker is certainly a taxpayer - then he buries himself.

    There are so much overlappings. But anyway, these are not commandments, these are statements of current conditions.

    But isn't it suspicious: Why did God give his then commandments to only one person in private, alone on a mountain, so that he should tell all the others? Why didn't he make a worldwide, public announcenment to all people on earth? He had the power to do so.
  • OK, I've got the meaning at third attempt ;). I didn't know what an undertaker is. What is the limit between the poor and the wealthy ? 4000 € a month as one our politicians suggested once ?
  • It's quite flummoxing that there is a significant difference between an "undertaking" and an "undertaker".

    (Eureka, at least I can finally practise the verb "to flummox" in the adjective form, I hope "flummoxing" is OK.)

    The undertaker is often seen in Italo Western movies, looking forward to and following every duel, hoping a dead corpse will fall by the wayside. It's always a good business for him. They are dressed in black with a black high hat and a haggard stature and a wrinkled face. And they are always asking the relatives how the old grandma is doing.
  • After the fourth reading, I have had an idea : who made the poor become a poor, the drunkard become a drunkard...the politician become a politician. Very often in democratic countries, elections make politicians : then, aren't we making our own subjugation ?

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